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Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR)

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Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) has been deeply rooted in the capital for over 130 years now. We are one hundred percent owned by the Region of Berlin and have been operating as a public corporation since 1994. The Region has entrusted us with sole responsibility for the collection, utilisation, and disposal of waste as well as street cleaning and winter road maintenance. We therefore contribute significantly to the quality of life in the city.

Economic efficiency, price stability, high quality, and the continuous advancement of the company as a service provider beyond our municipal responsibilities are, alongside our sense of social responsibility, the driving forces behind our corporate vision and business goals. Sustainable environmental protection is naturally a matter of concern for us. We attach great importance to the use of innovative technologies and to the environmentally-aware behaviour of our staff. At the focus of our activities are programmes for the protection of the global climate. We are therefore, for instance, also a partner of the Berlin Landesenergieprogramm (Regional Energy Programme).

We do our utmost to assist and encourage young people, for instance, by offering traineeships that exceed our actual requirement for new junior employees. In addition to this, BSR supports the integration of people with disabilities and has already been awarded several integration prizes for this.

To dispose of a wide variety of waste, Berliner Stadtreinigung has developed a clever plant strategy. Thus in future, biogas will be obtained from organic waste by fermentation. The refuse collection vehicles will then be refuelled with this gas – real closed-loop recycling, and real climate protection. We are pioneers when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases in other areas too. The substitute fuels that we produce every year in our bulky waste processing plant prevent the release of approximately 75,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per annum that would arise from the use of fossil energy sources. When disposing of the residual domestic waste, BSR cooperates with three partners. 289,000 tonnes of refuse are processed into substitute fuel in two mechanical-physical stabilisation plants, and incombustible material, such as metal, is returned to the production cycle.

We generate power from more than half of Berlin’s domestic waste in our wastefed heating and power plant in Ruhleben: 722,000 megawatt hours per annum. That is enough to supply 63,000 households with electricity and 31,000 households with heat. To achieve this, we pipe the high-pressure steam resulting from incineration to the neighbouring Reuter power station. Since the calorific value of the refuse is roughly equal to that of lignite, we are able to prevent through its use emissions of 207,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Contact Information

Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe AöR
Ringbahnstr. 96
Tel. (030) 7592-4900
/ Fax. (030) 7592-2262



Biomass heating system, Foto: BSR
Biomass heating system fuelled by wood chips
Power Generation, Ressource Efficiency, Environmental Relief Program
Renewable Energies, Technology
2009 – 2010
More information (PDF, p. 34)
Underground waste collection point, Foto: BSR
More recycling through underground waste collection points
Materials cycle
Constructional and Technical Measure
2011 – Ongoing
Waste truck with Fuel Cell, Foto: BSR
Waste truck with Fuel Cell
Ressource Efficiency
Research and Development, Technology
2011 – 2013
MPS-Anlage in Berlin Pankow, Foto: BSR
Production of Fuel through Mechanical Physical Stabilisation (MPS)
Ressource Efficiency
Renewable Energies, Technology
2005 – Ongoing
Blick in den Zerkleinerer der Sperrmüllaufbereitungsanlage, Foto: BSR
Plant for preperation of bulky waste
Power Generation, Ressource Efficiency
2008 – Ongoing
Interior view of the CHP, Photo: Berliner Energieagentur
Natural-gas fired CHP unit for a BSR Depot at Malmöer Straße
Energy Efficiency, Power Generation, Environmental Relief Program
CHP, Technology
More information
Betankung eines Trucks, Foto: BSR
Environmental protecting use of natural gas for BSR utility vehicle
Environment, Environmental Relief Program
2002 – Ongoing
Photovoltaik system on the roof, Foto: BSR
PV System on the roof of an Industrial Monument
Monument Protection, Power Generation
Renewable Energies, Technology
Müllheizkraftwerk Ruhleben, Foto: BSR
Carbon dioxid reduction by Waste Burning
Power Generation, Ressource Efficiency
CHP, Technology
Der perfekte Kreislauf - von Biomüll zu Biokraftstoff; Darstellung: BSR
Biogas System for the utilisation of BIOGUT
Power Generation, Ressource Efficiency
2011 – 2013